Personal and flexible wall decoration


“IXXI” is a brand name of Interior Art Product from Holland. It offers famous paintings, recreated by the most modern print technology, at a reasonable price. For printing, a special synthetic paper from Germany is used, which prevents paintings from being sunburned (changing color) and is protected from water as well. Each card is connected each other by special connecters and high quality double-sided adhesive tape. The recreated paintings can be easily assembled, disassembled, moved, and fit any places. You can produce your own space with IXXI and your choice of paintings.



“IXXI” offers various kinds of collaboration products with world famous brands such as Walt Disney. Matabee’s work has been added to their collaboration products.

As Matabee’s work is now easily accessible through “IXXI”, you may consider to install it in your living or other places at home. Matabee’s work can be obtained only at on-line-shopping of Bara Gallery.

Matabee’s Work in your room

You can decorate your room with a sense of art at a reasonable price. It does not need a frame. You just assemble ”IXXI” and enjoy your own stylish atmosphere.
While “IXXI” is used at many shop, pubic facilities, offices and residences, there are very few “IXXIs” for well-known Japanese painters. Please try out the products born with the close collaboration between “IXXI” and Bara Gallery.


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