Matabee Goto

Matabee valued peoples’ bonds, wishing the world no conflicts and fights and devoted his life time to express his wishes in the space of canvas. His paintings are creative and express his own ideas and feelings. Bara Gallery is a fan of Matabee Goto. Matabee is a great artist. It should have been a wonderful meeting if Matabee could have met with Picasso or Chagall. Bara Gallery continues to display Matabee’s depiction of love.

Kokyo Hatanaka

Painter/Scholar for Indian Arts, Artist for Japanese Painting, Priest of Otani-ha Buddhism

Well-versed on the transformation of Buddhism Art when it moved from India to Japan. Many of , his works are related to Buddhism legend and folk stories customs. As a priest as well as an artist, his theme lies on historical artworks primarily from India. He tries to express deeper thought on meaning of such artworks and meaning of life through his art.

Other Artist


Collaboration IXXI

wall decoration


“IXXI” is a brand name of Interior Art Product from Holland. It offers famous paintings, recreated by the most modern print technology, at a reasonable price. For printing, a special synthetic paper from Germany is used, which prevents paintings from being sunburned (changing color) and is protected from water as well. Each card is connected each other by special connecters and high quality double-sided adhesive tape. The recreated paintings can be easily assembled, disassembled, moved, and fit any places. You can produce your own space with IXXI and your choice of paintings.
This time we chose printings of Matabee Goto for collaboration with “IXXI”. “IXXI” represents Matabee’s imaginary world very well. “IXXI” enables children and adults to have arts in their daily life.


“IXXI” can be easily installed anywhere to fill up boring empty space; shop, offices, public places as well as home.


You can enjoy Matabee’s paintings at a living room and/or a den. Or you can choose your paintings from resources we have. You may create special space with your own taste.


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